XXL Roulette, a Brand-New Live Casino Item

Live Roulette in a casino has an energy that online versions simply can’t match. And Authentic Gaming, creators of the cutting-edge new game XL Roulette, are at the forefront.

iGaming giants like Evolution, Pragmatic Play, and Playtech, among others, have created a plethora of live casino Roulette games throughout the years. However, gamblers in Canada will be pleased to know that Authentic Gaming’s approach on live Roulette adds a fresh flavor to the showcase of existing premium products.


Options Available To Pick From

Although XL Roulette is not Authentic Gaming’s first take on the classic casino game, it is considerably different from their other offerings. Roulette’s widespread appeal in both brick-and-mortar casinos and virtual environments can be attributed to a number of factors.


The live casino environment was developed with the player in mind. There are four types of wagers available to players at launch:


Play European Roulette in its traditional “Standard” mode. Even if the player can’t use fortunate numbers in Standard Mode, they still have a chance of winning 35:1 on a straight bet.

In XL Mode, the game’s default setting, the player can pick anywhere from one to five lucky numbers to play with. Here, the payout for a straight bet is slightly lower, at 29:1.

XXL Mode is the riskiest of the three game modes, yet it offers the chance to win anywhere from 2 to an amazing 8 lucky numbers per round. In XXL Mode, the payout for a straight stake is a respectable 23:1.

XXXL Mode is designed for players who enjoy taking calculated risks in exchange for potentially large payouts. Straight bets in this mode pay out at a rate of 17:1.

The Finest Live Roulette

Inside and outside bets receive equal attention from players across all platforms. However, multipliers are only used on straight bets.


While XL Roulette by Authentic Gaming isn’t quite on par with the unique live casino Roulette experience, it’s still a fun and well-made game that stands out from the crowd.


XL Roulette by Authentic Gaming is sure to become a fan favorite due to the game’s potential for Multipliers of up to 500x the player’s wager.






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