February 25th 2019

We created the first draft of The Neuro-Specific Human Rights Bill Proposal.


March 6th 2019

Our lobbying campaign for the implementation of neuro-specific human rights into Canadian legislation officially launched.


January 16th 2020

The World Congress of Bioethics Planning Committee and the International Association of Bioethics selected our bill proposal abstract for a live presentation slot during their 15th annual conference in Philadelphia, USA.


January 20th 2020

We acquired the support of MP Mark Strahl, Chief Opposition Whip for Canada's Conservatives, via an in-person presentation.


February 26th 2020

The Canadian Bioethics Society selected our bill proposal abstract for a live presentation slot during their 31st annual conference in Toronto, Canada.


June 3rd 2020

We attained the support of MP Michelle Rempell Garner, Shadow Minister for Industry and Economic Development, via a teleconference presentation.


June 5th 2020

The World Congress of Bioethics advised us that our bill proposal abstract received a top score, and it was nominated for the Ehrenreich prize for the North American region.



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